We Build Smarter Highly Usable Stuff!

  • PraNutra Wellness Pvt Ltd works towards making people's lives better in terms of living, sharing and thinking.

Our policies and practices are fair, transparent and constantly improved to maximise customer satisfaction and achieve market leadership. Provides complete Start-up and Growth, and Transfer of Ownership Services for Businesses.

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About the Group Company

PraNutra Wellness Pvt Ltd was established by Prakruti Group. Prakruti group has 21 years of integrity in health care industry. Prakruti Group export its products and services to over 15 countries.

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Our Vision, Mission & Core Value

  • We commit to mutual loyalty and trust between PraNutra and its distributors.

To provide essential health and wellness services by a direct selling network of our world class wellness products.

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What Member Say

PraNutra Wellness

Karthik Dayalan

Our happy Customer

“Triphala Powder.....digestion and colon cleansing is what very important for this generation ...”


Our happy Customer

“Soaps ultimate and Body lotion is awesome ...”

Srikanta Pradhan

Our happy Customer

“World No.1 products, specialy HurbKuff was very good. Soaps ultimate USE ...”