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PraNutra Multi-Vitamin tablet is rich in vitamin B complex, which helps in maintaining body homeostasis and prevent the vitamin B complex deficiency symptoms. ...



Wellness - Multivitamin

A deficiency in many of the B complex vitamins can cause symptoms relating to fatigue, anaemia, nervous system problem, muscle weakness, lack of coordination and wasting away of muscle mass, Pain or soreness in the muscles or joints may occur.

These symptoms can be overcome by PraNutra MultiVitamin, which is rich in vitamin B complex and also helps in maintaining body homeostasis.

PraNutra Daily MultiVitamin is helpful in
• Prevent from vitamin deficiency
• Maintaining normal healthy blood cell
• Maintaining normal functioning of heart and nervous system



1. What is the composition of PraNutra Multivitamins?

Thiamine Mononitrate IP, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride IP, Cyanocobalamine IP, Riboflavin IP, Nicotinamide IP, Calcium Panthothenate IP.

2. What are the benefits of this Multivitamin over others?

PraNutra Multivitamin complex formula delivers essential daily B Vitamins to boost energy, maintain healthy nerves, ease stress and maintain heart health.

3. Is it recommended for all age groups?

The Multi-Vitamins and Minerals are good to take at any age. It helps boost your immune system and your overall health providing nutrients your body needs.

4. Is it beneficial to take vitamin B1 (thiamin) by itself or with other B vitamins?

Since the B vitamins are involved in similar bodily functions and sometimes depend on the presence of other B vitamins, it may be beneficial to get the B vitamins through a B-complex supplement instead of taking each one individually. However, there may be times when a doctor or other health care professional suggests taking one B vitamin for a specific reason.

5. What is the role of Vitamin B6 in our body?

Vitamin B6 plays a role in converting food into cellular energy. It is also essential in red blood cell formation.

6. When should I take PraNutra Multivitamin? 
Two tablet a day ie., one in the morning and one in night after the meal

7. Can this be used for anaemic condition?  

Yes, this can be used for anaemic condition, vitamin B6 is essential in red blood cell formation.

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