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Kofy-D is a herbal coffee with standardized extract of Salacia reticulata and Achyranthes aspera bean extract. Having Clinically proven ingredients for blood sugar management. ...



Wellness - Kofy D

In Kofy-D both Salacia and Achyranthes have been blended in a suitable proportion with coffee beans powder (Coffee Arabica). This herbal composition in coffee is indeed associated with synergy for healthy blood sugar management.

Salacia species (e.g., Salacia oblonga and Salacia reticulata) known as Ponkoranti, have been used for thousands of years for the treatment of diabetes.

Achyranthes aspera is one of the powerful Ayurvedic herb. This plant could act by providing some necessary elements like calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese and copper to the beta-cells, thereby it helps in the production of Insulin.


Nutritonal value (amount per serving): Energy 1.26KCal, Protein 19mg, Carbohydrates 304.5mg, Fat 5mg.



1. What are the constituents of PraNutra Kofy D ?

A: Each 15g sachet contains Salacia Extract 300mg, Achyranthes aspera powder 50mg, Coffee Arabica 3g.

2. Is PraNutra Kofy-D safe to use?

A: Yes. PraNutra Kofy-D, formulated with natural plant extracts is safe and used to regulate blood sugar levels

3. What is the role of Pranutra kofy D in maintaining blood glucose levels?       

A: The two botanicals (Salacia, Achyranthes Aspera) work synergistically to suppress spikes in glucose levels by enhancing glucose control and insulin sensitivity; quelling inflammation at the cellular level, and restoring balance across a range of systems ravaged by diabetes.

4. Is it important to include PraNutra Kofy-D in a healthy diet?
A: Yes. A regimen that includes a healthy diet and exercise is crucial for the health of people managing this condition. PraNutra Kofy-D can be added as part of a healthy regimen to support and maintain your health because it can help regulate glucose levels.     

5. Can I take PraNutra Kofy-D with other medication for healthy blood sugar balance?

A: PraNutra Kofy-D can be taken along with other medication; over time it brings down blood sugar levels, reduces fatigue associated with blood sugar imbalance and curtails your dependence on allopathic drugs.

6. Is there any interaction when PraNutra Kofy D is taken along with other medications?
A: It should be safe and beneficial. However, you should always consult with your physician before taking any supplements or medications or if you have any health concerns.

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